My experience handling swamped coping mechanisms.

I am a high-strung person. My son used to tell me I’m loopy. I’ve managed my anxiety well for a couple of years now. However, this nightmare circus over the last couple of weeks is swamping my coping resources.

Everyone is feeling the high-alert, high-stress reality right now. For those…

Tips to conquer your activism burnout

Pleas for our attention, for our involvement, for our contributions bombard us every day. Nonstop appeals can be stressful and overwhelming. Stop climate change. Reduce your carbon footprint. March for women. Avoid single-use plastic. Protect immigrants. Feed the children. Call out dog whistles. Call out everything! …

A silly rhyme on loosing time

I sit in a meeting examining my thumb.
I’ve grown so bored my brain is numb.

Hour after hour the speaker drones on.
I look to the ceiling and stifle a yawn.

I prop up my head and drift to sleep.
Kitty moves in and takes a peek.

She looks…

Kimberly Read

BA in psychology, MBA, PhD in higher education. Dedicated to the exploration of knowledge and lifelong learning.

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