There aren’t words strong enough to express my disappointment in you

Senator Scott,

Last Wednesday, I watched in horror as the center of our democracy was attacked, not by an outside power, but by our own citizens. Citizens whose rage had been stoked since the November elections by dangerous rhetoric…

Creative Nonfiction Contest Finalist

What I learned about the human soul

Ever had your ass groped by a felon? In my early twenties, I began a career in social work in Atlanta. One of my assignments involved delivering care packages to prisoners. I also worked with street prostitutes abused, worn-down by age 20, selling the only asset they had for $20…

My experience handling swamped coping mechanisms.

I am a high-strung person. My son used to tell me I’m loopy. I’ve managed my anxiety well for a couple of years now. However, this nightmare circus over the last couple of weeks is swamping my coping resources.

Everyone is feeling the high-alert, high-stress reality right now. For those…

After midnight, the dark mist began to swirl between the trees. Bleeding tendrils of ink, the fog sought its prey. Creeping silently, it spread from the shrouded forest. Dread, as if palpable, crawled ahead of the eddying shadows. Exuding malevolence, the midnight haze poured towards the sleeping town.

Flowing soundlessly…

Tips to conquer your activism burnout

Pleas for our attention, for our involvement, for our contributions bombard us every day. Nonstop appeals can be stressful and overwhelming. Stop climate change. Reduce your carbon footprint. March for women. Avoid single-use plastic. Protect immigrants. Feed the children. Call out dog whistles. Call out everything! …

The hard lessons I’ve learned after my son died by suicide

Head cold! Who has a head cold in July? I’d been in a grumpy funk for a couple of days and felt like crap. I ignored July 4th and slept. I note this because I had been off the grid for a couple of days — a couple of days…

A silly rhyme on loosing time

I sit in a meeting examining my thumb.
I’ve grown so bored my brain is numb.

Hour after hour the speaker drones on.
I look to the ceiling and stifle a yawn.

I prop up my head and drift to sleep.
Kitty moves in and takes a peek.

She looks…

I walk through the cemetery on my way to visit your memorial.
I pass the Jewish gravestones with their little rocks and pebbles.
Pebbles of memories, of prayers.
The Camissa’s elegant sarcophagus is black marble.
There are always new flowers here.
And a statue of an angel.
It’s been a couple of months since I last…

Hey, will you help us move next weekend?
are you kidding
do I look like someone who should be lugging your couch
hire a moving company
Sure. What time do you need me there?

Do you think you could drive me to the airport … during rush hour?
i’ll be stuck…

Kimberly Read

BA in psychology, MBA, PhD in higher education. Dedicated to the exploration of knowledge and lifelong learning.

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